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Perfect Landscaping focuses on a healthy workplace environment.
Here is a sample of some of the things we do for our staff
PL Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner 2021
PL Halloween 2022
  • Annual Golf Tournament

  • Weekly Gift Card Bonus System

  • Year End Bonus

  • Monthly BBQs

  • Monthly Safety Meetings

  • Drinks and Snacks.

    • Morning coffee and donuts for the colder months

    • Gatorade and water in the warmer months

  • Monthly Paid Staff Lunches

  • Halloween Treats

  • Onsite Gym

  • Team Axe Throwing

  • Long Weekends Off and Paid!

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Christmas Dinner / Shop Windup

PL Family Christmas Dinner 2021
PL Family Christmas Dinner 2021
Team Axe Throwing 2022
Rookie Of The Year
Rookie of the year for 2022 - Robert Twohearts

Our annual Rookie Of The Year is a tradition that was started by our foremen. It started with a scrap piece of cardboard cut up to look like a championship belt. Which then evolved into a custom made belt. The metal plaques are engraved with past winners names and years they won.

A huge congratulations to all past and current winners!

Rookie of the year for 2023 - Mandeep S.
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