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Grass Seed Coverage Chart

Chart determines approximate lbs needed for various square footages

Application and Care:

It’s possible to successfully seed your lawn anytime during the summer months, as long as you’re able to irrigate. August is a great time as the warm soil allows for quick germination and there is less competition from weeds. Or consider seeding at the end of fall, just before it snows, so that the seed will germinate in the spring.

Sod Coverage Chart

Chart determines number of sod pieces needed for various square footages

Application and Care:

For your sod to succeed, it must have access to air, nutrients, water and sunlight. You can ensure the first three by prepping the area with 3-4” of top quality soil. We recommend our 75/25 Mix to ensure good contact between soil and sod.

Be vigilant about moisture. Start or finish every day with a robust watering, and keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to over-water sod. Depending on temperature and weather, you may need to water more than once a day.

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